today's latest post will tell you about 5+ Biggest Reasons “Why Your Blog Traffic Is Decreased?”

"Biggest Reason for Low Website Traffic"

Are you a nube blogger and don't have experience about blogging, then you can get common problem of traffic.

and "if you are a pro blogger and some mistakes you have done, that's why you website/blogs traffic suddenly goes down, 

achiveing traffic from organic searches is not still easy, we need to look some common mistakes which we have done in our early days, resolving them is a big

"then after we can get some organic traffic and trust flow together also, and can boost our organic CTR.

so, here I i has mentioned some Reason of low website, and also tell you, how you can fix you.

sometimes, due to changes of algorithm in search engine, we can fell these problem here we have also the solution about it, in the particular post.

due to fell down your keyword in SERPs can increase you alexa rank, which can harm your ranking we should to maintain our alexa rank to get organic traffic to our blog.

5+ Biggest Reasons “Why Your Blog Traffic Is Decreased?”


1: Not Using Attractive Title

Catchy title is behind getting traffic from google, we need to make attrative title to get more clicks on your article during searches.

more clicks on our article can increase trust flow of a website, that's leads to more organic traffic from google.

Writing good and quality article can be ingore by audience, if your article not has catchy title and headlines.

your only one quality title describe about your whole blog post, which you mentioned in your article.

as you can see the example of news website/blog, how they are brimging thousand or even lakh and millions  of traffic with thier catchy title.

Reasons “Why Your Blog Traffic Is Decreased?”

you can see the example of article title and traffic on the low competetive  keyword, as me you can also gate more clicks to your article with catchy title and seo optimized article.

How To Write Attractive Title

⇶Your Title should be as, that describe about your whole article contant.

⇶Use Number In the Headlines, As 10+ , 5+

⇶your tittle should be more than 40+ charector and less than 68+ charector in the headlines

⇶Include foucus keyword don't  become crazy to other. 

2: Not Writing User Friendly Article

most of blogger trying to write article for search engines not for user friendly, they don't  try to write quality contant to their sit, ever only facusing to do SEOs to their sites.

user friendly article  leads to improve bounce rate. bounce rate is 10th ranking factor in SEO, which indicates unlimited traffic to our sites.

At the way to user friendly article can make trust into the eyes to search engine result pages, it means high traffic to our site's.

How To Optimize User Friendly Article.

⇶first of all try to write user friendly article, then apply SEO at last.

⇶Try to add FAQs after ending, readers have some question left

⇶Write an article in such a way that after reading people use to share with thier frien

⇶Add social share button just below the ending of article.

3: Starting Makeing Backlink On New Website.

"if you a nube and started blogger inyour early days, then these mistakes 70% blogger has been done, which is very biggest reason of decreasing of your website.

At the days  of early we need be carefull, becouse even a small mistakes can bring and huge loss of your traffic.

what happens when a start a blog, after 10-15 we start link building, that leadsto google your website spam, and can become a reason of harm your traffic and penalise from SERPs.

In the year of 2020 very few website are penaliseing only, traffic can down and keyword and fall down.

"if you want to rank your site, there are 200 ranking factor, which leads to rank in google, you can use them.

even you want to rank your blog fast, then you should write some quality content to your site, then after start link building.

before starting link building your need need see your blog, even your blog goes at 3 month old, then after you should start link building.

Know Link Buiding On New Website

↪start link building when your website goes 3 month old.

↪don't make spam backlink.

↪don't Make backlink through those sites, which has spam score A lot.

↪try to mention equal ratio about nofollow and dofollow.

4: Page Speed

there are over 200 ranking factor to rank in google, pagespeed one of them we never have to ignore it.

If you have ever done it you need to fix it, other wise you can face big problem in ranking.

In the section of search console you see your all list of post and loading second of all pages you can  measure about loading post and traffic.

If you are using free hosted platfrom blogger or even self hosted wordpress wordpress, then you should remember too.

try to imprement only premium theme into your website, premium theme will gives fast loading speed optimized  and other many features that will help to rank our sites.

check our post speed in here

if page speed load is poor, then your website bounce rate can be increase, your audience experience can spoil.

they will quick from your site.

How To Improve Page Speed

⇒Use low size image and featured image

⇒Enable G Compression.

⇒use only limited plugins.

⇒use premium themes

⇒choose best hosting and fast optimized hosting.

Duplicate Content

duplicate content are use to use only new blogger, whose has not been experience about writing content.

I ever seen that that most of blogger are use to copy the content from those those sites which has not ranked in google, they think that by this way can not get plagrism to their content and they can rank easily.

And some are also use  to translate and spin content from another site, they don't care about google ranking,  as this way they are huting their ranking and avrage position.

"if you are ever done  like this you will rank on google for some times, and
that you your keyword can fell down back.

with the help of panda update google will find it easily, that how many content are dublicated on your sites, you should ever not copy any content to another.

In Conclusion

"blogger should make their site stronger and free from coprighted content and more small mistakes.

each and every  are mention above you should follow the espect.

"if you found it helpful please do share on social media please. you every share appreciate our efforts.

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