6 Best Ways To Fix Leg In Free Fire 2020 Welcome to our blog if you are them who used to play free fire in your low Ram mobile phone, and those phones who has not capacities to handle free fire. 

"Best Ways To Fix Free Fire Leg"

you are not getting better graphical and facing leg in your phone, unable to play free fire smooth then, I will tell you solutions.

 6 Best Ways To Fix Leg In Free Fire 2020 That will help you to provide better graphical experience in your phone and destroy legging.

At this time the free fire has fetched 500 million downloads worldwide and the play store has also announced that free fire is the best game.

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Buy this legging in your phone most of the users of free fire not getting win the game they always skip the game through playing by legging.

Can I play free fire in 1gb RAM?

Yes, absolutely you can play free fire in 1gb RAM without any problem by following these tips and solutions you can also play it.

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Free Fire Minimum Ram Required.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher
Requires 1 GB RAM

If you unable to maintain this required" then your phone will be able to face free fire leg and so, you not get better graphics of free fire gameplay.

6 Best Ways To Fix Leg In Free Fire 2020

Let's know what is the way to destroy legging in free fire.

  1. Clear Cache Data
  2. Clear Ram.
  3. Clear Storage.
  4. Select 1 data limit most.
  5. Change Graphics Of Game
  6. do not keep activities.


6 Best Ways To Fix Leg In Free Fire 2020

Clear Cache Data

Best Ways To Fix Lag In Free Fire 2020

Cache data store more unimportant data" when you delete the unable app it stores his data under cache data. We should delete this data in  weekly. With the help of this way this trick will help 20 percent to stop legging in your phone.

Clear Ram 

"If you will clear ram than it  will be help 70 percent to get destroy legging of free fire.

 If you want to clear your ram, then you have to enter in the smart manager and clear RAM there .

clearing ram it stop apps such as aaps who is running in background . if you don't have a smart Manager setting in your phone then you can download it from Play Store.

Clear Storage

fire game by the help of clear

you don't have deep idea about this clearing stroge how it will help to stop dublicate images, video ,files and focus to handle your phone smoothly.

with the help of clear storage you will be able to play free fire game smoothly. In your setting one setting is available that's name storage that will help you to clear a storage and provides you better gameing experience  and stop legging. 

Select One Data Limit Most

How to play free fire game with smoothly

If you don't know about one thing that
 will also help you 50% to stop legging in legging your game that.

Some time during playing free fire when you got calls and messages and any notification then you feel something legging in your phone.

That's that is the main reason for your game of Legging.

But don't worry I have also a soluction that your phone most has to enable developer mode in your setting.

You have to enable the limit background process and select 1 data limit to most in the setting of developer mode.

By doing this is time well support one time in one app and ignore only Ram new phone and provide you better gameplay free fire

Change Graphics Of Game

most of people use to play free fire in branded phone but some are in low ram phone, those person should take care about the graphical mode in free fire

Orner of free fire understand this problem well and found soluction of this problem.

Free fire is divided into three graphical graphics.

i Smooth
ii standard
iii ultra

There are some three most important graphics are divided into free-fire you have to choose setting smooth to get better experience and fix leg.

In this smooth graphics you will be not able to see enemies from far as clearly.

And not able to see the head of an enemy to give headshots and most important thing is that you can not see enemies from far.

 By these important tips and settings will absolutely help to provide better
gameplay of free fire.

Do Not Keep Activities 

6 Best Ways To Fix Leg In Free Fire 2020

turn on "do not keep activities" in your devoloper mode by doing this

clear all activities as soon as the user leaves it.

by turning in this setting when you leaves any apps the setting will clear all activities which you have done it.

 by d oing this it will prove helpful for your phone, whenever during the playing  game we  fill some leg after coming the notification on the control center,

it will destroy it during playing this, that's  why make sure you have done enables this.

FAQ For Best Best ways To Fix Free Fire leg.

How do you fix Free Fire network?

One more interesting thing" that is creating a problem legging during gameplay of free fire.

That is a network" when your network is not good condition "then your game will not support in any phone you also have to fix it.

To fix network you have to follow some step while starting a free fire is to close other app running in your background that also will stop gameplay.

You must have to close it, please do mind if that have to open flitemode in before opening free fire.

By doing this your network will work well.

Free Fire Leg Fix Apk

Best apk to stop legging in free fire

There is one game legging fix application that is available in the play store you can also use it.

Click here to download this app"this app will also help to boost your gameplay and provide you better gameplay and also help to use any app smoothly.

In Conclusion

If these above proven methos will helpful for you" then please share this post to your friends who also has the same problem and suffering from legging..

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