How To Get .com Domain From Godaddy At 99 Inr :Hello friends, in this important post today, we will tell you how you can get .com for just ₹ 99.
How To Get .com Domain From Godaddy At 99 Inr

Friends, as we know that godaddy is a very big platform for 2 months. It sells women all over the world for the lowest price but in this important post today, we will give you even cheaper for only ₹ 99 Will tell you the way.

If you do a simple search in go daddy search box, your domain will tell your name 199, but when you add to cart it will now be ₹ 500 a few rupees, in this way we get the domain very sought but by adopting this trick today you Domains can be written at very cheap prices.

Those who do not know what the domain is, first of all we know what is a domain.

What Is Domain ?

Domain is the name of your website, which you can go to the website after typing in domain name in your browse


How To get Domain At 99 Inr ?

If you are ready to take your domain, then you have to create a new account in Godaddy first and only then you can buy the domain from Godaddy at a cheap price.

If you do not create a new Godaddy account, you have created an old Godaddy account.

And if you want to take this cheap domain, then this trick will not work, so keep a new Godaddy account.

Get Domain In Cheap  Price At 199 Inr

Here are some steps by which by can get domain in cheap price :

#First Search Your Domain In godaddy

By logging into Godaddy from that new account you have created, search your domain name in Godaddy's search bar.

Search  your domain name in godaddy search box

Just simple select the domain and press aad to cart by doing this your domain will be added to your cart you have to simple fill the billing information  and payment.

# Apply Promo Code

Friends, if you want to get domain at a cheap price, then you have to apply this promo code, due to which you can also get domain at very cheap price.

Godaddy promo code :- GDD99COM1

#select usd country

Select usd country "this important  trick of this post in to change country  usd to inr by doing this you will the amount y9u had seen before "after than you will the decresing amount  of your domain.

The avidence are proved below:

.com domain in cheap price

You can see above avidence "there are had proved 1.25 usd the current price  of this domain it means this trick is working well.

If we calculate  1.25 usd to inr on google "then we found 92.34 inr in indian price if you have a GST in code than yiu can paste your code in gst in section and get domain in at 0.98 usd it meand in indian 84 inr you can think how this trick  will prove helpful for you.

After doing this simple fill the billing information  and bank detail and get domain in cheapest price.

In Conclusion 

I hope that you  all understood all about How To Get .com Domain From Godaddy At 99 Inr  If you have any types of question please tell by commentung below.

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