have you ever heard about canonical tag, today's post will about about each and every acpect about canonical tag.

as you know little about google algorithm, google's crowlers has some techniques to crowl your websie and pages.

once is canonical tag, if your website/ blog not protected from that issues, then never your website can rank" due to some reason which we will descuse below..

What Is Canonical Tag?

Canonical Tag tells search engine crowlers about your different home page url, into a single page.

Canonical Tag Explained

The canonical tag is a tag that helps to tell the search engine that all different types of IP addresses which found on your blog that is your blog.

NOTE:if you will not add a canonical tag to your blog your website will not get ever copyright content strike by search engines.

Why Canonical Tag Important For the website?

canonical tag protect your website from dublicate content of our own page.

Look at below:-


look at once as URLs, these are different part of URLs of a single homepage, which has a same content.

canonical tag tells about search engine that the content are provide on four differnet URLs they are same.

if we will not apply the canonical tag into our site, it might count our content as copyright.

s̳o̳ w̳e̳ s̳h̳o̳u̳l̳d̳ c̳a̳r̳e̳ a̳b̳o̳u̳t̳ i̳t̳

How To Check Canonical Tag?

checking canonical is still easy, have you ever done SEO audit of your website, there you can see about canonical

Check your website canonical by these methods:-

Website audit tool
Extension for audit your site

Check Your Website Canonical Tag By HTML

You can also check your website canonical tag into HTML
TO Check to Follow The STEPS:-

STEP.1:1press ctrl+U on your computer/laptop.

STEP.2:-Also press on your computer                      ctrl+F you will get Find in the page box

STEP.3: write canonical on the box

Canonical test

Like this, you can test your canonical tag on your website.

How To Add Canonical Tag For Your Website

If you ready for install canonical tag to your website, then there is a code below code the code and paste header section first <body> tag.

<link rel="canonical" href="https://www.seattleseo3.info/" />
"if your are using self hosted platfirm wirdoress thenz You can also add the canonical tag by yoast seo plugin and rankmath seo plugin.

In conclusions

I hope that you all understood about the importance of SEO while reading this Add Canonical Tag To Your Website Stop Duplicate Content Effect Get Ranking post if you got any type of problem please tell us by commenting.