•  Introducing To Canonical Tag In SEO  Hello friend this is me shivshankar and today's post I am going to tell about canonical tag? How it affects ranking.

Introducing to canonical tag

Nowadays I am seeing that a lot of people who are learning blogging and preparing of getting success in bloggers And a lot of people use a free blogger platform to learn blogging without hosting.

At this time all new bloggers how use to mistake in blogging and most people don't use the canonical tag and seeing this google not want to rank a new website because the new website's not prepared for getting ranking.

And most of the websites how built on bloggers also got ranking in google and getting million's of organic searches. The reason is that those new websites had made ready for getting rank in google

Seeing these problems I also think I must use the teach most SEO importance in blogging.
                Let's start the post topic

What Is canonical Tag In SEO?

Canonical tag Tag is a tag which is a website basically these in written in HTML in under your website source just like below

<link href='https://www.seattleseo3.info/' rel='canonical'/>

How It Effects In Ranking?

 Basically, it uses this Tag To make your websites securities stop copyright content I know you are thinking about this How it Effect in the ranking.

Show below these websites these all are single website but it has different five URLs which is not good.

  • http://www.example.com
  • https://www.example.com
  • http://example.com
  • http://example.com/index.php
  • http://example.com/index.php?r...
Google is also a website on how it doesn't know about these five URLs how to tell the search engine that these are a single website at this time canonical tag help to tell the search engine that these are the same websites.

Stop delicate contact By Canonicalization?

As you have seen the above the example of IP addresses of same website's you can think deeply that if your website does not have a canonical tag at this situation google crawler think the 5 IP address has same content post at that time your will has gone suffering from delicate content and you can get ranking in google.

Check  Your website canonicalization

This is very important to check your website has canonical tag is available are not to cheek your canonicalization Tag there is one link provided below follow the link to check your website canonicalization.

In conclusions

I hope that you all understood about Introducing To Canonical Tag In SEO If you discoverer any types of problems tell us by commenting in the comment box.