Adsense Ad Serving limit Problem Solved Invalid Traffic Concerns friends welcome to our blog .Today we will tell you Google adsense ad serving limit.

Adsense Ad Serving limit Problem Solved Invalid Traffic Concerns

As we know that Google Adsense is the product of Google and Google does not want anyone to take advantage of its ad illegally, that's why Google has taken this step.

What Is Ad serving limit?

Friends, till I have done research and found out, then I have come to know that this is due to visiting your own blog and if someone is visiting your blog frequently then it affects your blog. Try not to.

For get more information Google has wrote own post About Invalid click read below.

Google Invalid click activity "know more"

Why We Getting AdSense As Serving Limit?

Friends, if someone is doing invalid click or impression on our blog, then in that case we can get Adsense ad serving limit. We should take care that we will block our own and do not leave a place where we are getting invalid clicks.

If you are promoting your blog on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, then you should stop this, because you are getting invalid traffic from there.

Adsense Ad Serving limit Problem Solved Invalid Traffic Concerns 

Here are One way that by following you can get solve your problem by this.

First Don't Visit Your Own Blog.

If this problem has come on your blog, then you should not visit your blog by yourself, by doing so, there will be Invalid  traffic count on your blog.

By taking such precautions, there is an intention to remove the AdSense as serving limit on your blog.

Off All Ad Unit Or Auto Ad Upto 6 Day's

After this, you stop the ad from your adsense and remove all. Doing this for 6 days will remove the ad serving limit from your Adsense Account.

After 6 Day's Re-on All Ads 

After 6 days, you start your Ad again. After starting your Ad again, Ads will start successfully and there will be no problem later.

I have also started my Ads efficiently using this technique, you can believe this technique.

In Conclusion

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