Earn Money By playing Free Fire And Pubg

 Play Free Fire And PUBG And Earn Money|1 Kill 10 INR: Hello, friends if you are among those who like to play free fire and PUBG, and play only for fun" but" In this post today, we will tell you how you can earn a lot of money by playing free fire and PUBG.

Yes friends, you heard exactly right, you can earn a lot of money by playing free fire and PUBG. You can earn ₹ 10 for one kill. And can earn ₹ 100 of 10 kills. In this way, you can now earn ₹ 500 per day for your pocket.

Friends this an app that gives you money for playing games. Through this game, If you are a good player, then you can earn a lot of money by killing many players.

What Is Online Turnament ??

money with our comitititor, game will make deside about our money.

Suppose that, you had put 10 INR, in front of your compititor, then your compititor, should also nessessary to put same cash to participate in the turnament.

Thus, if you loss the game and beat from someone, your money which you have paid, you can recover,

But, when you kill all players you stand against you, then you will get paid  the outreach for per player according to your and your comlititor plan.

Requirement Of This Apps

This app need to require some your details to signup in the apps, like name email and password and conform psssword also among your password.

After that you will get get register in the gamer, you also have to connect your free fire account in the turnamant.

Also i tell you above, and tell telling once again that you need to deposit atleast 20 INR to participate in the groups

What Does That App Offers ?

This App Offer many types of facilities into into the gamer we should know that oncce.

The most benefits of this apps that when, you will sign up in the group then, you will get 50 sign up bonus in the account at free.

At this you can play some tournament's at free, but after that you have to pay yourself. To get 50 INR sign up bonus into your account you need to apply REFER CODE in to your account while signup in the groups.

The main benefits of this apps is really, amazing, while playing turnament when we use to quick the game, due to some reason" at this time this game send back yiur money into yiur account.

Gamer's Pocket Refer Code

Gamers pocket refer code =370223

AS I, Told you after apply this refer code you will be get some around 50 rupees into your account.

Withdrawal of this app

If you want to withdraw money. So you can withdraw money in 2 ways. 

1 google pay: - As we know that google pay is the easiest and reliable app. You can withdraw money very securely from here. 

2.paytm: - As we know. What a big and reliable company Paytm is. You can withdraw money from here too.

Tournaments Of Free Fire And Pubg Game

You can also earn money by a tournament of bating" You can win prizes and gift through Tournament.

The prizes and winner team will shows on the leaderboard " In this game, you can play with duo and squad also.

Below are provided some online form of Free And Pubg, follow the link and join there.


How can I earn money by playing Free Fire and not paying entry fees for any match?

There are many turnament are available in the market, but none are free, but i have founded some extra soluction about it.

With the help of it, you can earn free money through playimg games, such likes free fire and pubg with turnament, the fact is that,without paying free,

Thats is great.

"I am talking about MPl which will give you, a big glamps into your games, and truth is that, you can also earn money through it.

Mpl offers their users, to make turnamnet at free and make some money wthout investment.

FAQ For Play Free Fire And Pubg Online Turnament {Earn Money Online}

Can I Earn Money By Playing PUBG Lite?

Yea, If you want that, then you can follow the above method for earn money through Pubg.

Can We Earn Money By Playing Free Fire And Pubg?

yea, absolutely we can earn money read this post to get more and valueable knowledge about it.

Can I Earn Money By Playing PUBG Lite?

It's little difficult to find turnament with pubg lite, pubg lite and has a little players user and as compare to pubg mobile.

Which is the best PUBG Tournament Sites?

There are many sites, that will provide your better turnamnt, but i will recommend this http://www.pubglethalbattles.com

In Conclusions

This is easy and tested method that, will help you to earn and make some money through playing.

I hope that might like this if yes, then you can share it with your friends and make commnet in the comment below.😆😆