4+ BEST BACKLINK CHECKER TOOLS OF 2020 ( FREE & PAID):-Hellofriends are you looking for backlink checker tool, I will tell you about five such backlink checker tools with which you can check perfect banklink.

Why do we check backlink?

When your website has a link to another website, it is called backlink.

When your website has a link to another website, it is called backlink.

There are two types of backlink:-
Following these types of matter you can get such 4+ BEST BACKLINK CHECKER TOOLS.


1. SEMRUSH (Popular)

Semrush backlink cheaker

Semrush is a best platform that is use to in SEO with the help of this tool you will get right and accurate information all around world.

If you put you domain in the search box of semrush toolbar in backlink section you will not see alone backlink but also will see ref-IP and Ref domain.

You can analysis unlimited secret of your  competitors and know the most ranking factor from there.

Semrush is not a backlink cheaker alone,but also it used to:-

  • Domain analytics
  • Organic Research
  • Backlinks and etc

2. LinkMiner

Linkminar backlink cheaker

Linkminar is one of the best backlink cheaker which help us to get accurate backlink cheaking I personally likes to use this backlink cheaker.

Sometime you thought to start link buiding,but when you start cheking backlink you don't get all backlink.

But" by this tool you can see all types backlink dofollow and nofollow also or abounded link.

In one single registering on this tool'you i"ll get 10 days free trials in these 10 day's you can create your backlink unlimited.

3. AHrefs Free Backlink checker: Recommended for link detox

Ahrefs backlink cheaker

Hello all friend this is the most Popular tool ahrefs tool most of people use this in India and believe to use and get right information with this.

Ahrefs tool is most is use to check backlink in free but this is one of the best tool for in SEO

ahrefs tool is most paid tool per month but you can get it in cheap price.

But these tool will show one 100 backlink only in free and number of backlink types and domain rating.

4. OpenLinkProfiler

Open link profiler backlink cheaker

Openlinkprofiler  is the best that I personally use for cheak backlink with the help of this tool you can not only heal backlink.

 but you can show backlink and make your backlink with those backlink.

One most important thing that's amazing for all are see millions of domain's  backlink in one day without any limited.

Only one single thing you have to do,you have to done create one single account on there.

In Conclusions

I hope that you all understood about 4+ BEST BACKLINK CHECKER TOOLS OF 2020 ( FREE & PAID) if you got any types of problem you can tell us by commenting.

If you fell that i had left some point, then please tell us i will improve  it.