SEO Settings In Blogger 2020 ( Advance SEO )

Hello friends, in this post today, we will tell you how to do SEO in blogger blog.

What Is SEO In Blogger?

Friends SEO is one thing that helps make your blog Google trust. If our blog does not have SEO, then anyone on our blog Viewers will not come so it is very important to do SEO on our blog.

SEO Setting In Blogger 2020

SEO Setting Basic:- 

Create Your Tittle For Your Blog

You must should make your tittle according to your blog this is most important part of SEO.

SEO setting in tittle
SEO setting in tittle

SEO setting in description

Most important thing about SEO is description with the help of this description you may get ranking in google and also your blogger blog is able to come in google and other search engine.

SEO setting description
SEO setting description

HTTPS setting in Blogger

 Hello friend HTTPS mean"s=Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure"I Hope"Now you will be would understood about this HTTPS.HTTPS makes your blog secure and stronger on Internet world.

HTTPS setting in Blogger

Meta Tag Description  SEO Setting in Blogger

Meta tag description is also a most important part of SEO. As we know that  meta Tag description helps to make our blog tell about to robot.txt that why our blog is made for.

Meta Tag Description  SEO Setting in Blogger

Meta Tag Description  SEO Setting in Blogger

Custom tobot.txt setting in blogger

Friends custom robot.txt is a SEO setting in blogger that makes your blog tell to search engine how much post are created in this blog.
It also help to crawl your website automatically. 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
 Disallow: /search
 Allow: /

Paste this code to your site and also add name of your site in this code.

Custom robots header tags

Custom robot header tags is also a part of SEO so"don't forget to do this setting in blogger with the help of this tags you may tell which types of permission you want to tell to robot.txt.

Enable custom robots header tags?    
Archive and Search pages:
Default for Posts and Pages:

Go and tick this tag which i had given in this process.

 In conclusion
I hope that with the help of this tios you will gote all information aboout SEO in Blogger Blog

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