Index your blog/Websites manually in google instantly As you know that the problem of indexing is spreading in the world of Internet At this Some blog/website are getting index and some are not indexing.

In this post i had solved this problem without any types of problem this a 100% working methods I personally  used this method to index my blog instant.

What is blog indexing

Whose that people who don't know about indexing those peaple should know about indexing

Indexing is process by google to bring your blog/website in google id called indexing

Manually Index Your blog/website Instant In Google [2020]

Before indexing your blog/website in google you have to verify your blog to google search console.

To index your blog/website index in google
Follow the steps:-

Step:1:first submit your sitemap


Sitemap is the best thing that makes helps in indexing you don't worry I am not telling about sitemap 

Step.2:copy your blog URL

In the second step you will have to do copy your blog URL

Step.3:paste the URL in google search console URL inspection section

After pasting this URL in google search console URL inspection section you have to press OK.

Step:4:wait some time

You have to wait some time and and and request indexing.

Step.5:click test live URL

Sure you have to click test live URL and press OK using this method few second later you will get a new page on that page you will get URL is available in  google
After that you will successfully your URL in present in google.

In conclusion 

This is method to get index your blog/website in google instant.I hope that after reading this article Manually Index Your blog/website Instant In Google [2020