5+blogger mistake blogger makes | blogging mistakes:Hello friends, in this post today, we will tell you what mistakes you have made in blogging and you can avoid it.

Or the mistakes that I am going to tell today, almost all new bloggers do. I mean to write this post that you should not make these mistakes and avoid it and improve it.

5+blogger mistake blogger makes | blogging mistakes

No.1 :Make related blogs of what you know

What I mean to say is that you create a related blog of your own. If you create a blogson another topic, you may face difficulties in writing the blog'post so I will personally recommit you to make your blog according to your knowledge.

No.2:do social bookmarking on your blog posts

With social bookmarking, you can bring your post article to Google as soon as possible and social bookmarking will also create a backlink to your post, so you should try to do social bookmarking well.

No.3:choose your theme according to your blog niche

Friends, the most important thing is that you apply your block theme according to the niche of your blog. By doing this, your blog beauty looks very good.

No.4 :write your content best and large

Always try to be able to write big and great information in the article, what happens is that the ranking of your blog increases, writing big posts gives ranking and Google also feels that the content on this website is good, that's why that website Turns on the ranking of the blog.

No.5: don't leave your blog post writing till get ranking in Google

You should not leave your blog in the middle, now write the post on your blog as long as there is no one in Google that was not being found. The biggest mistake here is that before you get your blog ranking in Google, Leave it.

In conclusion

Well i am hope that you all understand all about