Hello friends if you want to make your Tiktok video viral. And videos are tired of making any views and likes are not coming, so keep reading this post because in this post we will tell you
5 Best Ways to Make Your Tiktok Video Viral ||100%working trick 2020

5 Best Ways to Make Your Tiktok Video Viral ||100%working trick 2020

1.Audience Retention:-Friends, this audience retention is a process that happens in YouTube, in this process we have to make a video that goes viral.

Let me tell you in easy language. In this audience retention, when you do a video upload it immediately goes to 10 people. If those 10 people watched the video completely, then it goes to 20 more people. If those 20  When people see the video in full, that video goes to 40 more people. And thus any video goes viral on tiktok. That is to say, if you make an attractive video and make a funny video then your video will definitely go viral.

2.Create Video On New Song And Unique Song:- 

Friends, if you make your video on a new song and a unique song, then that video will definitely go viral. A new song does not mean a song that has just been launched, a song that means a song that has not yet been made on a tiktok video that is brand new on tiktok.

3.background Video of TikTok:-All of you should create a public background in place of your video background. Friends, what happens when a new video goes viral. You do that video only in public place because when you make video you make it in public place. By making videos at Public Best Place, tiktok users feel that the boy has a lot of power, only then he is making a video at Public Place.

4.#Tag:-#tag is a very important thing in a video because a lot of videos are viral only with good # tag. Therefore, #tag should be used with caution while being most important.

5.Make TikTok Video On Trending Topic:-

Friends talk about what happens to friends on the trending topic. If a new video is viral, then the trending topic is behind it somewhere. The most important and most important thing is to make you on the video trending topic itself.  Now where does the trending topic come from? tiktok contains a search icon. When you click there, the trending video music and Tag will be seen. You can go and do all these things from there.

In conclusion
Friends, I hope that you have understood all the things in this post, if you have any question about tiktok, you can tell me by commenting in the comment box.