Christmas Wishing Script

Merry Christmas Wishing Script 2020: In this "article" of today, we have brought for you Merry Christmas Wishing Script which you can download for free. And you can also install it very easily in your website. These are for Wishing Script Specially For Blogger.

Friends, in today's "Time", the Wishing Website is spreading very fast. "Social Media" has a big hand in this. If you do not know what is a Wishing Website? So let's know.

What Is Wishing Website?

Wishing Website means that you can wish anyone with the help of this website. But there are different Wishing Scripts for each event. The Wishing Website is made in such a way that you can wish it to your friends and relatives for any "Festival". Different Wishing websites are made for different "festivals". But why is it made, and what is made is what benefits are there. The simple purpose of making a Wishing Website is to earn money.

So if you also want to do "Online Earning" then you can also. Download the Wishing Script from the "Download Link" below and install it in your "blogger" website.

Steps To Do After Downloading  Script

1.The file that you have downloaded is a Zip file, first of all extract it into a Specific Folder.

2.There will be a file named xmas.html inside that folder, open it in Notepad ++.

3.Then you press CTRL + F in Notepad ++, then Replace will be written in the top, click on it.

4.After clicking Find What You Have to Write in my url and Replace With, you have to write your url on which you want to create a Wishing Website.

5.Then click on Repalce All.

Merry Christmas Viral Wishing Script For Blogger 2020

Christmas Wishing Script

In this way your Wishing Website will be ready. Just now you can place ads on your website and then you will be able to do online earning. You have to repeat the number 2 and 3 again to apply ads. Then you have to search Adsense Code and wherever the Adsense Code is written, you have to put your Adsense code there. In this way your website will be fully prepared.

If you want to customize the script in your own way, that means to change the Imgaes, if you want to change the quotes, then you must definitely Commrnt below, for you we will write a separate post in which we will tell about the customization.

And if there is any problem related to the script, then you can ask in the comment box. I will definitely help you and if you like the post then share it, friends.

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