Hello friends, if you want to make a thumbnail for your blog post, don't worry, today is in this stormy post, we will tell you how you can make a thumbnail for your blog.

If you have come here then it must be a blogger that you want to make a thumb nail for your blog post.Thumbnails as we know attract users. With the help of thumbnails we can generate a lot of traffic on your blog.

Apps for Edit thumbnail


Friends pixellab app is a very good and best working photo editor and thumbnail maker app.

I use this app myself, it works very well to create thumbnails and there is no watermark on it.

Social maker post maker
social media post maker

Friends, this is a very good app that helps you to edit photos and which you can also create social shares.

It' is also help us to create not blog only but also face book,instagaram twitter page also.

How to find perfact background for thumbnail?

And if you want perfect background then you can download online from a website Pixabay.com. Here you get a wide variety of photos from which you can download and set your background.

Video toturaial for make thumbnail

Friends, you have given one below, after seeing which you will understand practically.

In conclusion
I hope you have understood the information coming from this thumbnail related and if you have any problem then you can tell me by commenting in the comment box.

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