Hello friends, as you know, a new video on tiktok must have gone viral in which man takes the form of devil. In today's post, we will tell you how you will be able to make a devil's tiktok video from your phone. 

If you are a tiktok video maker, you will also have a question in your mind after watching the rest of the  videos that you too can make a devil's tiktok video and make your channel viral.

But now you must be wondering why there is no such tool in tiktok so that you can make a devil video if you want to make a devil video, then after reading this post you will understand exactly one such you can make your own tiktok video by hand Without any tools.

It will be very difficult for us to explain you by writing a friend, so we have given a video for you below. You make your video after watching it.

How to create shaitaan tiktok video

To make Tiktok videos you will also need an app which is kine master. Due to the update of kinemaster, there are no good features in it, so we are giving you a link below, from which you can download.

Kine master download link

Hello friends on youtube on google or on tiktok, no such app anywhere. The devil can make the video, so we will have to add the video itself, in which we will have to add the video of the devil. 

Tiger man video download link

Friends, to make this video, we have to add the related music of the same video, which makes this video even more beautiful. The music link is below. 

Tiger roar sound download link

By mixing all these video audio and adding your own video, you can make a tiktok video of a devil.

In Conclusion

I hope that in today's post you will have understood about tiktok related video. If you have any problem or problem, you can comment me in the comment box below.