Hello friends in in this post I am going to tell about blogger templates. 

Blogger templates a way that makes your blog beautiful in Google and also effect on Google ranking.

With the the help of this templates we can get ranking in Google.those  templates which do not open fast Google did not give any ranking in Google search engine and also other search engine"if you I want traffic on your blog you must insert fast loading template in your blog.

From where you will get best blogger templates

Your answer is here from where you will get best blogger templates. There are MI types of website available on Internet that have best and best blogger templates from from there you can download best blogger template

How to add templates in blogger

You have to follow some  step to insert
 Templates in blogger.

Step.1 open blogger dashboard

Step.2 open templates option

Step.3 open edit HTML in blogger

Step.4 and click backup and reset option

Step5 choose your file and select your XML             file and inserted it

Step.6 now you are successfully inserted your blogger templates in blogger.

In conclusion
I hope that you will understood all the method about blogger templates thanks for reading article please comment below.if you got any type of problem you can comment I will write separate post on that matter.