How to rank our blog post in google 2020

Hello friend"how are you"I hope that you are fine in this article I will tell you most important thing to how to rank our post in google.

First of all when we start a new blog and already written lot of post on your blog you can't see any traffic on your blog don't worry in this post you will know all the solution about ranking. And read the post till the end.

Why We Don't Getting Ranking

It is the right that the new blog is not rank but the old 100% getting ranking.

Region is very simple:-

Old  blog:-is not in google sandbox
New  blog:-is kept in google sandbox like new born baby.

What Is Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox is theory that is running by google.this google sandbox system is realized by big SEO professional in 2004.

In this process"the new site is kept in this google sandbox for check this site content is really provide knowledge is right or not.

This process is working on new site at least 6 month.after six month those new site throw-out from google sandbox and after that time the blog those who exits from google sandbox that blog is get ranked in google according to his content he will get ranking in google.

Who We Can Exits From Google Sandbox?

To get from google sandbox it not in our hand this process is checking by google robot.txt and many google robot are working on your site.if you want to exits from google sandbox you will have follow some rule continuously six month:-

Steps To Get-Out From Google Sandbox

Step1.continuously write post on your blog               with any leave day.

Step2.write long post up-to 2000-3000

Step3.make high quality backlink.

With the help of these three step you will surely get exits from google sandbox

After Exiting The Sandbox

After exiting from google sandbox as you written long and right information on your blog according to this google will give you ranking in google.AS you get ranking in google you will get traffic on google earning by google AdSense also.

Ranking From Backlink

You don't know one also most important process by google you can get ranking by yourself.

Google has forgiven one thing"backlink"
By help of backlink you can also get ranking in google but only on those post you had makes backlink.with the help of backlink you break the rule of google sandbox.

Create Quality Backlink

Ranking in Google can be taken for just two reasons.

  1. qualitycontent
  2. quality backlink

If we want backlink then we need to create high quality backlink.

Know what is quality backlink.

What Is Quality Backlink?

A website who has high ranking in google and high domain autherity and page autherity through which we will get backlink" that's  called quality  backlink.

When we get backlink from quality website then that website will pass high link juice to your website" that's why we will get backlink through  quality backlink.

In Conclusion

I hope you will get full information about google ranking.if you have any types of problem about ranking you can comment me in comment box.

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