YouTube is big platform for earning"if you want earning from YouTube you must need views from YouTube.

If you had started a YouTube channel and also uploaded video on YouTube and can't get views by Youtube"then don't worry in this article"I will tell you how you can get views by YouTube.

On the YouTube per day many types of channel are creating on YouTube some are getting success and some and some are shut down at mid way.

There are very computation on YouTube very few people are getting success.

By help of YouTube you can make your Carrier on YouTube and make money good

How to get views on YouTube channel

If you want view on your channel you have to follow some rules and regulation and also follow some youtube guidelines by YouTube then'after you will get some views by YouTube.

And most important is YouTube SEO-

How to SEO of YouTube channel

"There are many types of way to SEO of blog-:

How to get subscriber on YouTube channel

 if you thinking that"how you an get subscriber on your  channel" believe me after this reading this article you will get 100% subscriber on your channel.

If you them"who are used to saying your friend to subscriber then I am warning you must understand and read one times YouTube guidelines.

There are written on YouTube guidelines that never watch your video yourself "then it's danger for your channel be carefull.

How To Become a Successfull Youtuber

You are absolutely thinking about how you can become a successful youtuber"for become a success youtuber you have daily work on your channel.

To become a successful youtuber you have upload video on your channel continuously without any hesitation.

You have to make video fresh and clear.

SEO tips for getting views:-

There are given below SEO tips for getting views these tips are very important for your channel

Read this tips also:-

Tittle of video:-

Most important thing the video tittle.
Video tittle is very important. That tittle is you had write these will help for getting subscriber and views.

YouTube video thumbnail:-

YouTube video and thumbnail most and reactive tips for getting how much reactive thumbnail you will create you will find that views on your channel and views

Note:-you will not get these thumbnail upload function on your channel first you have to verify our channel by your mobile number"then after you will get fesilility to get upload thumbnail.

YouTube video description:-

One thing more video/channel description these thing you have mention on your channel decription help your video to also come on search result first on YouTube.

Channel description is also you have to mention for make peapal know why you had make your blog.

YouTube video tags:-

Last and most important thing rhat on your video you have to understand that is very important or your video.

You can not add about your video on tittle"at this situation you tell YouTube search by tags.

Share on social media:-

After uploading your video you have to share your video on social media.
Also tell in video to your video to share your viewers to share your video.

Make Good Content In Your Video

Must pf people" who work on youtube past time , they know one thing"well" that you don't have anything in your video.but you have good content in your video then surely your video will love by people.

So" try so share only good content video on your your channel without copyright.

If you will explain in your video better' then you will get likes and share on your video.

Likes and share it shows your quality to youtube.

In the Conclusion

So friend"this is completely information about YouTube i hope you will understand all about of YouTube views.

I hope after reading  How to get views on youtube channel 2020" this post you all understood all about SEO of youtube.

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