Hello Friends, even today in this post, we will tell you how to get absolutely free domain. If you have created or are thinking of making any blog or website so far, then the question of domain must have arisen in your mind and you do not have money to take the domain, then do not worry after reading this post Anyone can take a free domain.

You will get these domains free for 12 months only.

We are very sorry to tell you that you will get Domain or only 12 months, after that you will have to pay some money, but before 12 months you have the domain absolutely free.

 How to get free domain

With  the help of the FreenomFreenom online website, you can get a free domain. After visiting this website, you have to search the domain first.

Step to register new domain on freenom

Step.1 Firstly visit this website

Step.2 Then create an account on it

Step.3 After this search a domain name and register your information by giving it

Step.4 and after that the domain will be added to your account

How to attact domain with server

If you want to join your domain server, then you can add your domain server to it in the same way you add it to Godaddy.

I have given a video below that you can understand everything by watching.

In Conclusion

I hope that you have understood everything about the free domain very well, if you have any problem then you can tell me by commenting in the comment box.

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