1. very informative.. Could you please tell me as i have already created the video on that topic and if again i will pull the search keyword, how it will help me to make my future video!

  2. Pulling search terms from your existing popular videos was a great tip, thanks!

  3. So are you saying that the keywords that people search for can be used in any videos on our channel as long as it in that niche even if it not related to that particular video like for example I have a video that is ranked really well called how to beat Marluxia Absent Silhouette Kingdom Hearts 2.5. So if I make a video call how to beat the mysterious figure with aqua I can put thoes keywords in my video tags ?

  4. RankYa, I always enjoy and learn new things from you. Thanks Bruce

  5. still don't understand this seo thing man..I did a video on batman v superman movie..tagged it perfectly but it doesn't show up..I don't get it..I got good content but to no avail

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