1. hi I can't find the SEO sitemap once I go into settings on the dash board.

  2. thnx for posting this video is most important and infomation for seo.can u send me complete video of using all plug in and set up.

  3. Thanks a lot! this is what im searching for… finally found it. But having some doubts
    1.How to use it for an ecommerce wordpress site?
    2.Before doing these should i attach my website to google webmaster?

  4. i followed your instructions but in my softacalous settings there is no were to put the ping list no update button? not under reading or writing any ideas?

  5. Ok found it . On the tutorial from the reading page i had changed from static page to "your latest posts" Then changed back to home page and bingo! Perfect! Thanks

  6. I followed the 'most eccelent' tutorial that i think works however when i open my web page it opens to the blog page and not home page . Cant think what is directing it there . Any ideas.

  7. This seems a really useful site.   However, I am confused.   At around 0mins, 38 seconds you seem to switch between recommending Common settings to be set to 'Post name' and 'Custom /structure'.   Which should be used?

  8. Question…when adding content and keywords to the homepage to set up the SEO, does it matter if the homepage is based off of widgets? My homepage is constructed by widgets so do I still place some content into the homepage editor area that is currently empty? Just wondering how this works if the homepage is set up by widget sections only. Thanks.

  9. this is my next chelenge to learn they are so much about Yoast SEO tool its realy crazy

  10. what are wordpress pings good for? do they need to be updated? thanks

  11. Hi,
    Under settings I don't have a permalinks option. Do I have any other options? Thanks

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