How Rachel Partners with Web Design Agencies to Sell SEO Services

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  1. could you send me that spread sheet for quoting that she sent you? That way I don't under charge or over charge?? THANKS!! big fan of your videos!!!

  2. Darryl where can we get access to Rachel's email template for reaching out to web designers? Great job on the interview by the way, totally loving what your doing with these things!

  3. Daryl, can you link to this quote spreadsheet so we can buy it?

  4. Great video! I'm in Chiang Mai right now boot strapping a client SEO business back home and love the video tips. I am going to try that out now

  5. My first web design job I did for $300. My client later told me he was quoted $30,000 for what I did by a firm. I definitely learned about under quoting the hard way!

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